Many senior Congress leaders of Uttarakhand have started saying that some leaders of the ruling BJP were in touch with them. They even claim that these BJP leaders were keen to join the Congress.

Leader of the Opposition and senior Congress leader, Indira Hirdayesh regularly makes this claim and now former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat, All India Congress Committee general secretary, is claiming on the same lines.

The sudden change in approach of Harish Rawat has surprised many, as earlier Har Da was dead against turncoats joining Congress. In a new development, Harish Rawat makes a fresh statement, “To save democracy it is vital to weaken the BJP. I am willing to felicitate any individual who is expert in peeking.”

The speculation about some BJP leaders staging revolt to join Congress started after state forest minister Harak Singh Rawat was recently axed from a welfare board under the labour department. Annoyed by the removal, Harak announced not contest next election.

Making an attack of turncoats, Har Da had said at that time, “The silence of BJP in the case of turncoat is strange. Now the BJP wants the turncoat to leave their party as these ‘Dal Badlus’ are struggling in their assembly areas and are likely to get defeated. So the BJP wants to get rid of the turncoats.”

Uttarakhand BJP claims that their fortress is strong. Uttarakhand agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal even asserts that Harish Rawat is teasing Indira Hirdayesh by supporting her claim. Terming the Congress speculation a joke, Uttarakhand BJP vice president Dr. Devendra Bhasin said, “Who will sail on a sinking ship (called Congress)?”

To keep him connected to the public, Harish Rawat is extensively using social media. After hosting a citrus eating competition recently, the former Uttarakhand Chief Minister conducted an online traditional attire competition this week. With the state assembly elections approaching, Har Da has increased his activities. Even the speculations about some big BJP leaders joining Congress is likely to clear in the New Year.