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UP Govt inks deal with Hyderabad-based InstaShield to counter Covid-19

InstaShield is considering setting up its manufacturing unit in UP.

SNS | Lucknow |

The Uttar Pradesh Government has entered into an agreement with Hyderabad-based medical equipment company InstaShield to fight against Covid-19 effectively.

InstaShield promoter and director CS Jadhav and Hitesh M Patel said that they started the company in August 2017. According to them, when the whole world was busy devising ways to tackle Covid-19, InstaShield invented its own techniques to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

According to them, the device was launched in March 2022 and today the company’s turnover has reached Rs 10 crore, changing the entire picture of the company. InstaShield is a plug and play device that kills viruses with the help of electron transmitting technology.

They said that the device is certified by CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad as well as other labs like EMTAC, Vimta. The company claims that the device is 100 percent safe for humans and the environment.

The company is now considering setting up its manufacturing unit in UP. During the meeting with the UP delegation on Wednesday, both the promoters signed an MoU for an initial investment of Rs 20 crore in the state.

Hitesh said that UP is a big market and he is impressed by the major changes in infrastructure, connectivity and law and order here under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

According to Hitesh, the company is working on the enhancement of the InstaShield device, after which one device will be sufficient to kill the virus in an area of 25,000 square feet. InstaShield is set to have its IPO in December 2023. Exports are expected to start by February 2023.