Union Minister Jitendra Singh said here on Monday that COVID pandemic has reiterated the merits of integrated medical management and added that in the times to come, serious thought would require to be given to this aspect for a more effective medical prophylaxis as well as therapeutics.

Addressing a Virtual Meet of some of India’s leading experts in AYUSH including Dr Nagendra Acharya, Head Vivekananda Centre Bengaluru, Dr Ramanathan from Sitaram Ayurvedic Hospital Thrissur Kochin, D. Zamir Ahmad Consultant from Unani Medical Sciences Aligarh Muslim University, Dr Ashok Sharma Homoeopathic Consultant, Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences New Delhi, Singh recalled that even though the merits of integrated or holistic management had been realised even in the case of non-communicable diseases, Diabetes Mellitus but somehow this aspect did not receive the kind of attention that was required.

Even though, he said, there is ample evidence and research papers to show that even on treatment with insulin oral antidiabetic drugs a patient with Diabetes can achieve better blood sugar control and reduce the dose of medicine, if simultaneously be advised to practise other methods including Yoga, Naturopathy, etc.

In the context of COVID, Singh said that since it is a viral disease where the prognosis depends on the immunity of the patient and, therefore, the importance of building immunity was realised. The widespread use of Homeopathy and other medicines to build up immunity have generated interest in the alternative systems of medicines.