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‘True patriotism’: Priyanka Gandhi lauds woman for contributing to PM relief fund from ‘widow pension’

At the twilight of her life Saini, a widow decided to give to the society her savings at this time of crises without caring for her needs and future security.

Swati Sharma | Meerut |

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi had sent a letter of appreciation to Octogenarian Kamla Saini, who donated savings of her ‘widow pension’ in PM relief fund to support fight against Corona ignoring her own requirements as she lives in an old age home in Muzzaffarnagar.

Party’s former MP Harendra Malik and city president of Muzaffarnagar Zunaid Rauf visited the old age home on Thursday and handed over the letter of Priyanka Gandhi to Kamla Saini. In her appreciation letter, Priyanka Gandhi called her a true patriot.

At the twilight of her life Saini, a widow decided to give to the society her savings at this time of crises without caring for her needs and future security.

When the matter came into the notice of Priyanka Gandhi she appreciated her via a letter that she sent on Wednesday to be delivered it to Saini in person by the Congress leaders Harendra Malik and Zunaid.

Apparently pleased by this gesture of Priyanka, Saini said that she is moved and called Priyanka like her daughter. She said that she is amused that Priyanka appreciated a poor woman like her for such a tiny contribution.

Almost two years back Saini who is a widow moved in an old age home of Muzaffarnagar after her only son decided to shift to Hardwar with his family. Her husband Nannu Singh was a  trader in Muzaffarnagar Sabji Mandi who had passed away  8 years ago. Thereafter, she registered herself for ‘ widow pension’ and started receiving Rs 1500 quarterly in her savings account. Besides her petty savings, she also started collecting this pension amount in her bank account.

While the Corona started spreading in the country she came to know of the  ‘ plights of the people in the lockdown. Thinking beyond her self interest she decided to support the government from the little she had as savings.  Hence, she gave  Rs 21 thousand from her savings from the pension to the district magistrate in PM Relief Fund.

This gesture of the kind-hearted Kamla Saini caught the attention of city’s Party President Zunaid who shared the news related to it published in a local newspaper on April 21 in party’s WhatsApp group’ Congress Fight Corona’ closely supervised by Priyanka Gandhi.

Thereafter, bringing it into the notice of Pankaj Malik, patty’s west UP in-charge, and Shahnawaj Alam minority cell’s city president, Zunaid met the woman in the old age home and also posted on the group details of this meeting.

Taking notice of this gesture of a lonely old widow Priyanka sent her an appreciation letter in which she called her a true patriot.

“We received a  letter duly signed by Priyankaji on our  WhatsApp group that was meant to be handed over to Kamla Saini,” told Zunaid adding that they then took out its printout and handed over to Kamlaji in presence of former MP and senior party leader of the area Harendra Malik.

In the letter written in Hindi Priyanka said, “The way you donated Rs 21 thousand from your savings from pension money made us feel proud of you. Helping people at the time of crisis is true patriotism.  I had a greater admiration for you after I came to know that you are a widow who is living in an old age home. The country will always express its gratitude for your sacrifice. Salute to your selfless service.

Harendra Malik called her a source of inspiration and said that people need to be United in fighting against Corona in a critical time such as this. People should learn from the sacrifice of Kamla Saini.