In a sensational revelation, the Mumbai Police on Thursday said that three channels including Republic TV are being investigated for ratings or TRP manipulation.

Police said that they have arrested two persons in this regard.

Addressing a press conference, Mumbai police chief Paramvir Singh said “Police are probing a scam involving manipulation of TRPs. identified three channels, including Republic-TV which is reportedly involved in distorting the apparatus used by BARC to rate television channels.

“The bank accounts of the channels would be investigated, besides the funds, they receive from advertisers and whether they are from proceeds of crimes,” it added.

Officials of Republic TV will be summoned today or tomorrow.

“Household data were used by the channels for ratings manipulation and they received illegal advertising funds. This will be considered proceeds of cheating,” he said.

“There was false TRP spreading. TRP ratings were being bought. The manipulation was mainly for advertising revenues,” he said.

“As part of this, households were told to keep a certain channel switched on all the time. Illiterate homes were asked to keep English channels on. The households were offered monthly payments of Rs 4-500 in return,” Singh contended.