In a first such instance, the newly launched Tejas Express will compensate its passengers of Rs 250 each as the train was delayed for about two hours on Saturday, in both the directions.

Tejas started from Lucknow at around 8:55 am instead of its scheduled departure 6:10 am on Saturday, and reached New Delhi at around 3:40 pm instead of its scheduled time 12:25 pm. While returning, it started from New Delhi at around 5:30 pm instead of 3:35 pm.

The cause of delay is reported to be the delayed maintenance. Any train has to undergo a primary maintenance before departing the source station. Tejas’ maintenance could start at around 4 am on Saturday morning as a coach had derailed in the maintenance yard at Lucknow station during shunting.

This will be the first time that passengers will be paid for the delayed journey. Tejas is the first train operated by IRCTC that has promised compensation to the passengers, if delayed. The compensation is given when the train reaches its destination behind schedule, but if the train make up the loss of time despite departing behind the schedule from the originating station, no compensation will be given.

Chief Regional Manager (CRM), IRCTC, Lucknow, Ashwini Srivastava, said, “We have sent a link to all the passengers on their mobile phone clicking on which they can claim compensation. Those who do so will get paid.”

There were 451 passengers who boarded from Lucknow, while 500 when the train started from New Delhi.

To make up the delay, passengers were served an extra tea, lunch and refreshment with a ‘sorry for the delay’ label on the packet. There were also announcements made to inform the passengers about the delay.

Tejas Express, launched on October 4, is the first corporatised train of Indian Railways operated by IRCTC.