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Swapna releases Kerala ex-speaker pics, dares defamation suit

Sreeramakrishnan, on Tuesday, denied claims of the key accused in gold smuggling scam that she was asked by him to come to his official residence alone and that they have had drinks together many times.

SNS | Thiruchitrambalam |

Swapna Suresh, the prime accused in the now famous gold smuggling case, on Tuesday, released pictures of P Sreeramakrishnan, former Speaker of Kerala Assembly, and top CPI -M leader, through Facebook.

Soon after Swapna released his seven photographs, Sreeramakrishnan threatened legal action against her. She, in turn, dared him to file defamation against her if he can, saying that it would help her share rest of the evidences with the court.

“This is just a simple and humble reply and a reminder to Mr. P Sreeramakrishnan for his Facebook post and related arguments. In case this doesn’t remind him the rest then I request this gentleman to please file a defamation suit against me so that I may be able to produce the rest of the evidences before the Hon’ble Court,” she said.

In her recent revelation, Swapna said former state minister Kadkampally Surendran, presently a legislator, and Sreeramakrishnan used to send her lewd messages and asked her to come to them, while former state finance minister Thomas Isaac dropped indirect hints at her.

Sreeramakrishnan, earlier on Tuesday, denied Swapna’s claims that she was asked by him to come to his official residence alone and that they have had drinks together many times. He also said he will speak to the party and take legal steps besides dealing with this politically.

“I have not sent messages to anyone and it is not possible to invite her to my official residence where my entire family and aged mother live and not to mention several staff members. In the past also a lot of baseless allegations were aired against me and all know what happened to them. So, I will deal with the present onslaught legally, after speaking to my party and also politically,” Sreeramakrishnan said in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, former minister Kadakampally Surendran also denied the allegations made by Swapna Suresh. He said he went to Swapna’s house when the organisers of a programme he was participating in forced him during a function. He did not go alone, the organisers were also with him, he said.

Earlier on Sunday, former finance minister T M Thomas Isaac refuted Swapna charges. Will any minister in his right mind invite someone for a pleasure trip to Munnar, that too, to a place with not enough accommodation facilities,” he asked. He alleged Swapna is a pawn in the hand of the BJP.

In this connection, Swapna, on Tuesday, told the media, “My humble request to these gentlemen is to file a defamation suit against me in the court. I will produce the evidence before the court.”