Vijaya Dashami or the tenth day of Durga Puja marks Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. While much of north India would celebrate the victory of Lord Ram over the demon King Ravana, eastern India would celebrate Goddess Durga and mark her triumph over the evil Mahishasura.

Although Durga Puja celebrations were muted this year keeping in mind the public health crisis triggered by the Covid19 pandemic, it could not stop people from sharing their enthusiasm and love and, of course, the ray of hope that this festival brings.

As you all prepare to wish each other Subho Bijoya, here’s a compilation of Subho Bijoya quotes and wishes that you can share over social media to your friends, family and loved ones this Vijaya Dashami.

“May Goddess Durga bestow all happiness and joy on your family for all years to come. May you triumph over every evil in your way.” — Subho Bijoya

“As Goddess Durga returns to her abode, here’s wishing she leaves behind all the good luck and happiness for the humanity.” — Subho Bijoya

“May this auspicious day bring joy and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous Vijaya Dashami!” —  Subho Bijoya

“May Goddess Durga bestow her nine forms of blessings on you and your family: Fame, Wealth, Prosperity, Name, Happiness, Education, Health, Power, and Commitment.” — Subho Bijoya to you and your family.

“This Durga Puja will illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness, joy and prosperity.” — Subho Bijoya.

“May the divine mother empower you with her blessings on this Vijay Dashami.” — Subho Bijoya

“May Maa Durga bless you with strength and courage to fight all evil in your life.” — Subho Bijoya

“As Goddess Durga prepares to leave, I pray that she gives you strength in whatever you do, to guide and protect you wherever you go.” — Subho Bijoya

“This Vijaya Dashami, I pray that Goddess Durga is always there to shield you and your family from all demons.” — Subho Bijoya

“Let us take a moment and celebrate the victory of good over evil.” — Subho Bijoya to you and your family.

“This Vijaya Dashami, let’s take a pledge to destroy all evils that exist in our society. Let us make this world a better place for our future generations.” — Subho Bijoya

“May Goddess Durga transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, agony into ecstasy, and darkness into light. Here’s sending unparalleled energy, joy and warmth to you and your family.” — Subho Bijoya.

“You are lucky to have an awesome friend like me who always makes your Durga Puja fun and memorable.” — Subho Bijoya

“May Goddess Durga bless you to become a better version of yourself this year. Sending loads of love and warmth your way.” — Subho Bijoya

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