A group of University of Hyderabad students was detained by the police on Sunday when they tried to take out a march to ‘save the constitution’ on the occasion of Republic Day.

The students were stopped by the police at the main gate of the University as they wanted to march to the Ambedkar statue at Masjid Banda near the University.

Students were holding a national flag and Ambedkar’s potraits as they started the march from within the campus and tried to go out of the campus to the Ambedkar statue.

The march was called by the students’ union of the University with the slogan ‘Uphold Constitution, Defeat Manu’.

They were stopped at the main gate of the University by the Cyberabad Police as they claimed that the protesting students do not have the permission for the march.

Students squatted at the main gate of the University raising slogans like ‘Telangana police go back’, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’, ‘Manuvad ho barbad’ and ‘Long live students’ unity’.

The police then detained the students and whisked them away in the police vehicle.