A guest lecturer of Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College committed suicide after killing his mother. His body was found on a railway track in Delhi on Saturday, police said.

Allen Stanley, 25-year-old, guest lecturer had a criminal case pending against him in Kerala. His mother Lacy’s body was found in the home hanging from the ceiling fan.

According to the police, there was a case of abetment of suicide against Lacy also and both the mother-son duo were out on bail.

As per the police investigation, Allen was believed to have forced his mother to commit suicide just five days ago, when she refused, he killed her. Her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan in the house.

Police had registered a case of murder before it found Allen’s body on a railway track on Saturday.

A Delhi police officer told IANS, “Police received the information of a body on a track close to platform no. 3 of Sarai Rohilla railway station on Saturday. The body was found in two parts on the railway track. Police recovered mobile phone, some documents and driving license which revealed that it was a body of Allen Stanley.”

With the help of documents, police found Allen to be a native of Kerala’s Kottayam area.

Professor’s death has left the St. Stephen’s college students and teachers in a state of shock as he was believed to be a very amiable person in the campus and liked to meet everybody.