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Sonu Nigam recalls his last conversation with late Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh

Sonu Nigam, in a video, spoke about Amar Singh’s relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Singer Sonu Nigam, in a Facebook post, on Friday recalled his last conversation with former Samajwadi Party leader and Member Parliament Late Amar Singh. The 64-year-old Rajya Sabha MP breathed his last on August 2 in Singapore where he was undergoing treatment for kidney-related illness.

Sonu Nigam, in a video, spoke about Amar Singh’s relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The singer spoke about his relationship with Amar Singh, his sense of humour and his camaraderie with the politician. He also spoke about how any ‘acts of kindness by any person should be told to all’.

“He was a person full with positive energy and barely talked negative about anything,” he said.

The singer who is currently in Dubai for the past few months spoke about his last conversation with Amar Singh and said, “I had called Amar ji and he was very happy when he picked up my call and said now I should recover from my illness soon.”

The singer spoke about Amar Singh’s political career. He recalled, “Amar Singh ji was from Samajwadi Party that means against BJP against Modi. His entire tenure was against BJP and then he left party and he became inconsequential when it comes to politics”.

Sonu Nigam recalled Amar Singh’s view on PM Modi, and said, “Sonu beta, the person who helped me the most was Narendra Modi. I am of no use to him, especially at this time. But if he had not helped me I had to spend 5 crores for the treatment from my own pockets.”

Nigam further elaborated about how even behind all the politics and political views of parties and its members, politicians also help each other. He said, “Politicians aren’t ruthless.”

He explained it with a business point of view as to how one businessman would want to do better than another businessman.

He also recalled Amar Singh’s sense of humour by saying, “He at times could make people uncomfortable with his jokes.”

Speaking of his camaraderie with Singh he recalled how during concerts or stage performances he would ask him to sing ‘his song.’

Sonu said, “I used to ask him to join me on stage and together we would sing and dance together.”