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Show country you have taken right decision: Priyanka to HP voters

Addressing a public rally at Sataun in Sirmaur on the last day of campaigning, she urged the people of the state not to waste another five years and to vote judiciously for the party that works for them.

Statesman News Service | Shimla |

All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary Priyanka Gandhi appealed to the people of Himachal to exercise their discretion and vote in the elections to show the people of the country that they have taken the right decision.

While addressing a public rally at Sataun in Sirmaur on the last day of campaigning on Thursday, she urged the people of the state not to waste another five years and to vote judiciously for the party that works for them.

“On 12 November all will vote. There is a big challenge for the people, from whom to choose. Ask yourself, will you vote for your future or just make a choice between two political parties,” she said, adding that the people should not be misled by political gimmicks.

“Politics of today has changed a lot. During the freedom struggle when Mahatma Gandhi spoke about truth, he gave a spiritual base to the country’s politics. The freedom struggle was fought along the lines of truth and we should be proud that no other country has such a foundation,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

What we see today is politics rigged with money and lies, the politicians can say anything there is no accountability, no responsibility, she said, adding that the truth and facts are totally different.

“Hence, I urge you all to vote based on your experience and circumstances as you can very well, understand what has been done for you. Big leaders of the BJP came to Himachal and said Congress cannot give a stable government. Who has given you a stable government since independence and who has spread instability,” she questioned.

Making a veiled attack, she cautioned the people to be wary of those who topple the governments elected by the people.

“What is the truth, all is in front of you. The people of the state are aware lot, so do not let this flame of awareness die. It is your biggest responsibility to keep it alive,” she said.

Lashing at the BJP-led state government, she held them responsible for pushing the state heavily under debt of 70,000 crore rupees.

“Educated youth population of the state is about 30 lakh. And out of these 15 lakh are unemployed. Despite 63,000 government posts lying vacant in the state for the last 5 years, jobs were not provided due to lack of will,” she said.

“We promise of restoring OPS because our party has been able to implement it in Chattisgarh and Rajasthan,” she said, accusing BJP of having finances to waive off loans of the corporate friends, but not having money to provide a pension.

“This government has robbed you of jobs, pension and is responsible for inflation,” she charged, adding that before coming to power they had promised of bringing down inflation, however, they have imposed GST on apple packaging and increased the price of LPG.

If you listen to them they have never said what they have done in the last five years to decrease inflation, she said.

“We are saying we will provide women Rs 1500 as we understand the burden on women to run and take care of the family. The country’s future is in their hands but no one helps them. No one wants to empower them,” she said.

It is a truth that Congress wants to work for you and we have decided to provide one lakh jobs, four English medium schools will be opened in each Assembly constituency so that education is strengthened, she said, adding that the health infrastructure and manpower will also be strengthened.

“The leaders who call Congress corrupt, have been involved in scams including PPE kit, police recruitment, and teachers appointments,” she alleged.