A remote government school in Uttarakhand is hogging the limelight for making efforts for the conservation of Garhwali language and promoting traditional musical instruments of the hills. The Satpuli based Government Inter College in district Pauri has started playing traditional musical instruments and singing prayer in Garhwali in the morning assembly.

In modern times, the use of traditional musical instruments has declines in Uttarakhand hills. The brass band, used in marriage and other functions, has replaced the folk artists in a big way. In such a scenario the experiment of a social science teacher is showing practical way of promoting the regional language and folk art.

Government school teacher Pratap Singh brought traditional musical instruments from his collection and started training students to play them. He used to conduct this session in extra time and during holidays. His hard work bore fruits and now in the morning school assembly it is a totally different atmosphere in the campus.

The students sing prayer in Garhwali and the music of Dhol, Damau, Daur, Ransingha, Thali, Bhankora and Mashakbaja echoes in the valley to create a magical spell.

Pratap Singh said, “I wanted to do something for the conservation of Garhwali language, its folk traditions and involve the new generation in it. I brought my folk music instrument in the school and began training the students some two year back. New musical instruments like Daur, Ransingha,  Bhankora and Mashakbaja were added six months back. We started singing prayer in Garhwali and playing traditional musical instruments one and a half month back.”

Satpuli is located 52 kms from district headquarters Pauri. The government school, with strength of about 200 students, is located on the Pauri-Kotdwar highway. The school, located on remote locations, with limited facilities, has attracted attention of many through this unique experiment.