A new party, Rashtriya Jan Jan Party, has been formed in Bihar providing a political alternative in the state, Bhumihar-Brahmin Ekta Manch leader Ashutosh Kumar said on Saturday.

“A rally was held on November 7 last year in Gandhi Maidan in Patna wherein a 5-point demands for the betterment of the forward castes were made and the government given a six-month ultimatum,” he told media persons in the presence of other office-bearers of the party.

He said that since no action had been taken on their demands, they were now forming the new party to take the matter further.

Kumar said that political parties in Bihar were involved in pursuing the politics of divisiveness and caste and it was high time this trend was reversed. He further claimed that the governments in Bihar had failed to provide the required facilities for the state’s skilled youths.

He said that they would try to encourage small-scale and big industry and bring about industrial development in Bihar.

Kumar said that the new party represented the youths, jobless, farmers and labourers and would pursue developmental politics.

It would also fight for reservation in jobs and educational institutions on economic basis rather than caste, he added.