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Raj minister warns against dissidence in Congress

State Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat came down heavily on “some Congress leaders” who hail the party high command while assailing the policies and programmes of the Gehlot Government.

Statesman News Service | Jaipur |


Dropping a broad hint about dissidence in the Rajasthan government, state Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat on Saturday came down heavily on “some Congress leaders” for what called as their hypocritical nature.

Speaking to the media, Ramlal Jat said while on one the one hand they (the party leaders) hail Rahul Gandhi and the party high command, they don’t hesitate to assail the policies and programmes of the Gehlot Government on the other.

Drawing a comparison between the RSS-BJP and the Congress in this respect, he said they (the BJP) used to win elections owing to the strict discipline they observe, whereas the Congress leaders lack discipline.

In an indirect jibe at Sachin Pilot group, Jat pointed out that they speak to the media against the Gehlot Government while simultaneously praising the high command and Rahulji’s mission. They feel their job is done. That won’t serve the party’s cause; it only creates indiscipline in the party and send out wrong signal to party workers.

Sounding a warning to such elements in the party, he said, “If you want to stay in Congress, stay, if you want to work for the Congress, then work. Take us along, everyone will get a post. But do not disturb the CM instead of supporting him.”

Dwelling on the experience of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the revenue minister said, “One gets a post according to one’s age. No person holds a permanent position in politics. No one will be permanent on this post. The public wants him to become chief minister. Yet many of our leaders keep making statements that are prejudicial to the party. Our leaders make such statements sometimes from Delhi, sometimes from South, sometimes from North.”

“In contrast,” he said, “There is discipline in the RSS and the BJP. Whoever is contesting is winning. There was a time when the Congress was suffering from disciplined, due to which we were getting tickets at will. But today there is a lack of discipline in the Congress now.”

“Nowadays no action is taken against those who speak out against our party or the government. If you do not observe discipline, how will you win? The party should focus on discipline. If anyone breaks the discipline and speaks against the party, action should be taken against him.

“After winning the next assembly election due later this year, the high command should name a CM of their choice; anyone be it Gehlot or Pilot, we will abide by the party’s whip. Let all of us together repeat the Congress government once more,” he asserted.

The minister made it a point that irrespective of whether the leader is disciplined or not, it’s incumbent upon the workers to remain disciplined. Let everyone get together repeat the government once more in Rajasthan.

Recently, former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot blamed the Gehlot Government for failure to handle the Jaipur serial bombs case in the high court wherein all four convicts were acquitted. Pilot also made suggestions on the Right to Health Bill against which private doctors are protesting for the last 15 days. Such gestures, he said do not jell with the party.