Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday, lambasted the Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Santosh Kumar Gangwar for his remarks that there were enough jobs in the country, but the employment seekers were not qualified enough.

Priyanka Gandhi took to Twitter and said in Hindi, “Mantri ji you have been running the government for more than five year. No jobs were generated. A few jobs in the market left too were taken away due to the economic slowdown this government has brought. Youth are waiting for the government to do some good. You cannot insult North Indians and get away. This will not work.”

Gangwar sparked a controversy earlier in the day when he blamed the employment seekers and said, they “were not qualified”, while interacting with the media.

He said that foreign companies, who visited the country to recruit people, told him that the people were not qualified for the positions they were offering.

He further said that his Ministry is monitoring the job situation. The Minister added that were no dearth of jobs in India.

As the economy of the country continues to see a decline with GDP at 5 percent the Congress on Thursday announced it will hold massive agitations across the country from October 15 to October 25 against the government’s policies that have allegedly led to the economic slowdown.

The Congress leaders have been critical of the government policies which they believe have brought the “historic slowdown” of country’s economy. In her recent tweets, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called out the BJP government for rising unemployment and falling GDP

Former Prime Minister and renowned economist Manmohan Singh also warned the government of serious financial repercussions if it did not reach out to sane voices to curb ‘man-made crisis.’

Singh said “all-round mismanagement” by the Modi government was responsible for the slowdown.

“The state of the economy today is deeply worrying. The last quarter’s GDP growth rate of 5 per cent signals that we are in the midst of a prolonged slowdown. India has the potential to grow at a much faster rate but all-round mismanagement by the Modi government has resulted in this slow down,” he said in a statement.