Ahead of the US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday over the huge amount of money being spent on his visit.

Taking it to Twitter, Priyanka Gandhi slammed the government by tagging a media report and said, ” Rs 100 crore is being spent on the visit of President Trump. But this money is being spent through a committee. The members of the committee do not know that they are its members. Does the country not have the right to know which ministry gave how much money to the committee? And what is the government hiding in the garb of the committee?”

Gandhi was referring to the “Trump Nagrik Abhinandan Samiti” which is managing the US President’s visit to Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

As per the reports, the organization has spent over Rs 100 crore on the beautification of the city.

Earlier, Congress leader Anand Sharma had also slammed the government for such huge expenditure for Trump’s visit.

“We have come to know that a quota has been fixed for schools, colleges and universities (to send students for Trump’s welcome). School children will also be lined up. As many as 100 teachers have been summoned from each block. All the hoardings put up there are not by any committee,” he had said.

Sharma further added, “The Gujarat government has given all approvals; Motera Stadium has been hired, artists from all over India are coming. It’s not under the control of a committee. A special grant for the visit has been given to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. We don’t mind, but the government should not lie (about the arrangements).”

Congress leader also said it was “Trump Nagrik Abhinandan Samiti”.