Archaeologists are thrilled with the discovery of prehistoric rock paintings at two places near Almora. After a group of researchers found some figures on a rock at Jeevapani, near Pattherkot on the Almora-Daulaghat highway, a team of the state archaeology department visited the spot and found ancient rock paintings at two locations.

The discovered artwork was near the entrance of a cave. This hints that the art was made in ancient time by some cave dwellers. Only red/maroon colour was applied. CS Chauhan, in-charge of regional archaeology unit, says, “After a team of researchers informed us about finding some rock paintings at Jeevapani, I visited there and explored the area. We managed to find another rock with paintings there.”

The paintings show a group of people on one rock and in other location shows a group of people with a snake. The artwork has faded by facing harsh weather and other challenging conditions in the open. Though the rocks are located near the Pattherkot village, the artwork never attracted the attention of the local residents.

The artwork discovered is similar to rock paintings of Lakhudiyar in Almora. There are about half a dozen sited in Almora where rock paintings prevail. The new find has added two more rock paintings locations in the map of Almora. The state archaeology department is all set to conduct a scientific study of the paintings.