After being sacked by their employer in Saharanpur, an eight-month pregnant woman and her husband walked for more than 100 km until they reached Meerut on Saturday where they got the help to reach their village Amargarh in Syana of Bulandshahr district.

After the 21-day lockdown was announced by Prime Minister in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, the couple was asked to leave by their employer in Saharanpur who did not even consider the fact that the woman was expecting her delivery in a month’s time. Not only this, he also did not give the husband’s salary after which the hapless couple decided to go to their paternal village in Bulandshahr walking all the way from Saharanpur.

The man and his pregnant wife were spotted at the Sohrab Gate bus stand on Saturday. They were badly tired and were looking for some public transport to reach Bulandshahr. Here, some local residents, considering the condition of the woman, informed the police that came forward for help.

Ashutosh Kumar, SHO of Nauchandi Police Station told that an ambulance was arranged for the woman Yasmeen and her husband Vakil that dropped them to their village Amargarh in Syana of Bulandshahr district on Saturday night. They were also given some money and food.

Vakil and his wife Yasmeen had arrived here on Saturday after walking for more than 100 km from Saharanpur. The couple had been walking for two days at a stretch.

At Sohrab Gate bus stand, Naveen Kumar and Ravindra saw them inquiring about some means to reach Bulandshahr. The woman was in a bad condition hence the locals immediately informed the Nauchandi Police.

Yasmeen, sharing her story with the cops, said that her husband who worked at a factory in Saharanpur was sacked and they were also asked to vacate the accommodation that was provided to them by the employer immediately after the lockdown was announced. The employer even refused to clear the dues. Hence left with no other way, the couple decided to walk towards their village from Saharanpur on Thursday.

The locals arranged food for them and also gave them some money while the police arranged an ambulance for them that dropped them safely at their village.