Underlining science as an important catalyst for improving the lifestyle of the common citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for the development of virtual labs to promote scientific acumen among gen-X across the country.

Prime Minister Modi’s remarks came while chairing a meeting of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Society here. Scientists with expertise in varied fields of industrial, agricultural and other sectors were present.

Modi proposed development of virtual labs to take science to students in every nook and corner of the country so as to strengthen scientific acumen among them. He called for measures to promote collaboration in research and development projects among Indians working in various parts of the globe.

Exhorting scientists to undertake works aimed at addressing the needs of ‘aspirational’ India, the Prime Minister said the CSIR was required to concentrate on the “real-time social issues that India is facing such as malnutrition” by way of value-adding value to agriculture products and conservation of water, a PMO press note said.

Modi identified 5G wireless technology, artificial intelligence and affordable and long-lasting batteries for renewable energy storage as some of the emerging challenges. He underlined the need for scientists to focus on these challenges and find solutions to them.

The Prime Minister further exhorted scientists at the CSIR to work for improving the quality of life of the common people. He stressed on combining traditional knowledge with modern science for the development of world-class products and their commercialization.