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PM Modi attacks opposition leaders; says ‘What happened to double Yuvraj in UP will repeat in Bihar’

PM Modi has begun his back-to-back rallies from Chapra, a district which is believed to be the political bastion of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

SNS | New Delhi |

Ahead of the second phase of voting in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing four rallies today in the state. This will be PM’s third visit to the state in the last few weeks.

Addressing an election rally in Chhapra, Prime Minister attacked the opposition Mahagathbandhan RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said that just like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar will also send back the ‘double yuvraaj.’

PM Modi attacked the previous RJD government and said that Bihar ‘couldn’t develop during jungle raaj.’ and spoke about the development under the Nitish Kumar government.

He said, “Bihar’s villages are today connected with the basic necessities like roadways and water. If the opposition had the intention, it would have been done 1.5 decades ago. But before it was jungle raj. People used to think before starting any kind of work in Bihar. This is how jungle raj looks like,”

He also spoke about the law and order situation under the RJD government and said, “Earlier, every mother used to warn their children against going out, saying “lakad sunghva” is lurking inside because they were frightened about the kidnappings. How come people of state who are frightened about even venturing out think about development? How can industries be setup in a state where kidnappings were the biggest concern,”

PM Narendra Modi spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and the steps taken by the government to help the citizens during the lockdown. He said that NDA government under Nitish Kumar made sure ‘every poor has food on their plate in the times of crisis’ and the free ration scheme.

He said,“Because of NDA’s free ration scheme till Chhath festival, free gas cylinder, jan dhan account scheme, Bihar’s poor are happy.”

PM Modi attacked the opposition on the Pulwama remark and said that the people who questioned the ‘brave hearts’ of the country are now ‘seeking vote from you’. He appealed to the voters to be ‘careful’ of them.

He said, “I appeal to you be careful against those who for their political gains can go against the interest of interest. These people were spreading rumors after Pulwama. They said everything which was a blow to the moral of the bravehearts of the country. Now, the same people are seeking vote from you. Your distance from these people will make the destiny of the people of Bihar. Vote for us and bring us back in power.”

In a tweet last night, PM Modi wrote in Hindi: “Tomorrow, I will be in the middle of people of Bihar. On the occasion of (this) mega democratic festival, I will be seeking blessings from people at public meetings in Chapra, Samastipur, Motihari and Bagaha.”

PM Modi has begun his back-to-back rallies from Chapra, a district which is believed to be the political bastion of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

This is the first time in four decades that the RJD chief, jailed for corruption, is not campaigning for the state elections.