The Guwahati city authorities here have covered the concrete separators on G S Road with polythene sheets To tackle the problem of ‘paan’ stains on freshly painted road dividers.

The move comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe’s proposed meeting in the state capital on December 15.

As part of the beautification drive undertaken before the VVIP meeting, the road dividers were painted with black and white colours. But minutes after the fresh coat, the dividers on the arterial road of the city were seen littered with red paan stains.

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation decided to wrap them with plastic sheets on Wednesday after getting  exasperated by repeated painting of the road dividers to keep the city clean and tidy ahead of the visit by Japanese PM.

The polythene covers, however, did not deter some people from spitting on the dividers though the plastic sheets kept the newly painted separators untouched, corporation sources said.

Municipal workers told media persons visiting the area that some people “with no civic sense” lower their car windows and slow their two-wheelers to spit paan on the dividers.

Some people were of the view including college students that such people should be booked and slapped hefty fines so that it is a deterrent for others who should think twice before defacing public property.