Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s proposed ‘ Kisan Samvaad ‘ Program on February 8 at Gandhi Park in Saharanpur has been denied permission by district administrative officials claiming insufficient force as a reason behind it.

Now it has to be seen if Congress would hold this ‘Kisan Samvaad’ with farmers in Saharanpur like the Shamli Mahapanchayat which was organised in spite of the denial of permission or will it look for an alternative.

The word is that Priyanka Gandhi might visit famous Shakumbhari Devi temple in Saharanpur district and might meet some farmers there on the designated day.

Congress wanted to make an attempt to connect with the masses in western UP, particularly farmers through this program that could help the party to build up its lost base in western UP.

An application asking permission for ‘Kisan Samvaad ‘ program of Priyanka Gandhi on February 8 at Gandhi Park of the city was moved by Muzzaffar Ali, the District president of Congress in Saharanpur but the district administration denied permission for it on Saturday.

Confirming, City magistrate of Saharanpur Suresh Kumar Soni said that the permission could not be given because a program like this with huge mass participation would require a lot of force to maintain law and order. But presently there is a shortage of force in the district because of deployment due to ongoing farmers’ movement, he added.

Congress’ district President Ali was also given the same reason for the denial of permission. Ali said that officials have claimed that the force is not available in the district as it has been sent to other places for maintaining law and order because of farmers’ movement.

The decision has been conveyed to the central leadership of the party and the leaders of the district are waiting for directions to decide the future course of action.

It may be noted that in Shamli also the district administration had denied permission to the Mahapanchayat of farmers in Bhainsali village on Friday. But in spite of this denial the farmers held the Mahapanchayat there that was attended by thousands of farmers and RLD leader Jayant Chaudhary.

Now it has to be seen that on similar lines will Congress organise the program in spite of the refusal of district administration for permission or will it wait for some time.

There are reports that Priyanka Gandhi might visit Shakumbhari Devi Temple in the district, which is a famous pilgrim place of western UP. “No one requires permission to visit a temple,” said Ali who, however, claimed that he is still to get the confirmed program of Priyanka Gandhi.

It is believed that Priyanka Gandhi is looking to form a base for the party in western UP. This “Kisan Samvaad” program was aimed to communicate with the rural masses, particularly farmers. The party perhaps wanted to work as a healer to the farmers who have been agitating against the three farm laws and reiterate the support of the party to them.

Congress, which has lost its base in western UP, probably wanted to start its Kisan Samvaad from Saharanpur district as it is believed to be the only place where party has still some hold. Party’s senior leader Imran Masood has a great mass following here.