The Congress party on Thursday asked the BJP to clear its stand on the commitment of delimitation of Assembly seats.

Reacting to the centre’s “vague”  reply on the issue and “avoiding” a question seeking road map for the delimitation for the state, the Congress party accused the BJP of having made hollow promises with the electorate of Jammu.

Chief spokesman of the PCC Ravinder Sharma said that the Modi government has now taken the stand that delimitation is within the ambit of J&K constitution and avoided to clarify the stand and future road map in this direction.

Sharma blamed BJP for making “hollow slogans and playing bluffs” with people for their votes. It is manifestly clear that BJP does not intend to fulfil any such vital commitment with the people, especially the Jammu region and has only exploited their emotions for vote politics, he alleged.

Sharma alleged that the BJP coins a new slogan during elections to cash on the emotions and sentiments of people but goes on changing its stand to divert the attention of people from one issue to another. He asked BJP to list any important issue addressed and resolved by the party in the past five years after raking up such issues.

He claimed that the BJP did not fulfill any major commitment and asked it to give a timeframe for the delimitation before the assembly elections. Sharma also asked BJP what it has done to deport the Rohingyas from Jammu in view of the security threat.