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Patna in for a festival of ideas and literary narratives

Ahad Anhad, which is more than a literature festival, will be held in the Bihar capital from March 17 to 19.

Pranav Chaudhary | Patna |


From March 17 to 19, the iconic Bihar Museum will play host to “Ahad Anhad”, a confluence of words and performances by some of India’s most celebrated thinkers, authors and intellectuals.

Located near river Ganga in the heart of Bihar capital Patna, there could be no better venue to showcase a multitude of literary narratives and ideas, much as the historic city has done itself over many centuries.

Ahad Anhad is more than a literature festival. It is a quest to speak up for the creative imagination in an increasingly cynical world and to question the binaries between the cosmopolitan and the provincial, said festival director Sujata Prasad.

Bringing together an iconic bevy of English and Hindi writers, the values at the core of Ahad Anhad are vital: to champion the freedom of expression and to present inclusive yet diverse ideas, in words as well as performances, said Prasad.

There could be no better or more striking venue than the Bihar Museum, built as it was to showcase a journey through the storied ‘cloisters’ of Bihar’s modern and ancient past.

The logo of the event, incorporating Islamic calligraphy, signifies the intent of Ahad Anhad. The circle reflects divine presence, and the pen corresponds to the point of arrival, reflecting the essence of the intellect.

It is our fervent desire to build an unstoppable momentum, create new and transformative spaces across India, engage with diverse audiences and turn Ahad Anhad into one of the most resonant celebrations of words, ideas and performance.

On the inaugural day, the book “ Bihar That was and Now” written by famous photo journalist Raghu Rai would be released. Famous personalities like Saeed Mirza, Abhay K, Sayeda Hamid . Priyanka Sinha Jha, Meghnatha Desai, Feroz Varun Gandhi have given their consent to participate in the two-day event.

The topic on the “How Economics abandoned the Poor” will be delivered Meghnath Desai on this occasion.