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‘Parivarvad, Vanshwad damaged democracy after Independence’: Modi

virtually addressing an inaugural session of the National Executive Meeting of BJP being held at a 7-star hotel at Kukus since yesterday, the PM lambasted.

Statesman News Service | Jaipur |

In an indirect scathing attack on the Congress party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday vehemently said ‘Pariwarvad aur Vanshvaad’ (familism & dynasty) have caused terrible damage to the nation and democracy since independence, but it was the BJP alone that brought the lost faith of country’s youth in last 8-years after 2014.

“These Parivarvadi and VanshVadi parties have facilitated corruption, scams, nepotism and mismanagement in democracy, and they made it their basis and have ruined the valuable time of the nation”, virtually addressing an inaugural session of the National Executive Meeting of BJP being held at a 7-star hotel at Kukus since yesterday, the PM lambasted.

“Desh mein Parivarvadi partiyon ka aaj bhi sarvajanik jeevn parivar se shuru hota hai, parivar ki khatir chalta hai, parivar ke liye chalta hai (Famailism parties’ public life starts with parivar, run for them, and run for their sake)”, he described.

“Hence BJP has to continously compete with them because parivard-vanshvad is a disastrous for democracy, if we have to save democracy, make it valuable, compitable then we have to continously struggle against it specially during 75th year of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, Modi warned.

In his 48 minutes of speech (which was virtually not only to the BJP Executive Members but and also turned out to be a national telecast), PM further lamented, “Everyone of you has to reach to Janta against this parivarvad-vanshvad, so that they could reject them, uproot them so that we win public faith. We have to remember that it is the BJP alone that would bring back the lost faith and confidence of youth who fell victim to Parivarvad-Vanshvad. We have to strengthen values of democracy and its tradition”.

Reciting former PM AB Vajpayee’s poetry “Kaal ke kapal par likhta, mitata hoon, geet naya gata hoon”, Prime Minister said, “The party is moving ahead with this couplets. BJP is not a stagnant water but it is continuous flowing water. And amidst dirty Parivarvad-Vanshvad, the lotus has been blooming everywhere and will spread its roots and take new growth in the country”.

Stressing on ‘Politics of/on Development’, PM commented that the political parties barring BJP were doing ‘khilwad’ (messing up) and made it hollow in the name of national development for their vested interests. These political parties for their selfish interest search and blow up pity issues and weaknesses of the government, and try to pour poison in the name of caste, religion, and regionalism. They try to flare up and incite people on such non- issues”.

Having ‘Ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat’ (One nation, Best nation) concept, the BJP party workers and leaders have to alert people on such moves of other political parties engaged in dirty propaganda, and take the nation towards all-round development in all sectors, PM advised.

“We do not have to take any shortcut in politics nor we should feel complacent that BJP has got 18 states in its hand, 400 MP in Parliament. Never lose confidence, divert from the path of development, nor indulge in slip of tongue. You always work for the welfare of the poor, to make him compatible in society. Some political parties would mislead you from your objectives and delivery system, we do not have to entangle with them at any cost. Do not get nervous, if you do not get any media and print coverage.. wait one day they (media) will come itself for your developmental works”, he further taught.

Despite the party has got crores of members in its fold, the membership drive should be expanded to every nook and cranny of the society regardless of rich or poor, literate or illiterate, those who who are interested in politics or not, and caste/religion, Modi emphasised on the new membership drive.

Saying that the BJP has given respect to new and ancient ‘sanskar’ (secrament), PM said the other political parties were only naming and remembering Mahatma Gandhi on his birth and death anniversaries, but they never thought that Gandhiji wanted ‘self-reliance’ in every sector in the country. In previous Congress regimes, he alleged that from policy to practice the nation was never made self-reliant but made dependent on foreign nations’ policies and imports. In last 8-years the BJP/NDA government made India self-reliant, respected every regional language and included it in the National Education Policy, he said.