Mumbai murder accused Manoj Sane claims he was HIV+, didn’t have physical relationship with her

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Manoj Sane, the suspect in the gruesome murder of Mumbai Mira Road, said to the police that he never had a physical contact with Saraswati Vaidya, his live-in girlfriend who is 32 years old, as he is HIV positive. Manoj is charged with killing Saraswati, dismembering her body, and disposing of the pieces by cooking them in a pressure cooker. Despite knowing one another since 2014, they have been living together in the Mira Road flat for the past three years. Manoj informed the authorities that he first met Saraswati 16 years ago while working at a ration store.

Sane informed police that he received his HIV+ diagnosis in 2008 and has been on medicine ever since. He claimed to have been in an accident and to have undergone extensive medical care. Sane informed the police that he believed he acquired HIV while receiving the treatment.

According to Manoj, Saraswati was very possessive of him and treated him like “his daughter.” Manoj Sane claimed to have taught Saraswati maths when the 32-year-old was preparing to take the Class 10 SSC examinations on a board that the police discovered on one of the walls of the flat building where the couple resided.


Saraswati Vaidya, the victim, was described as an orphan by the police. The three sisters of Saraswati, however, went to the Naya Nagar Police station on Friday to provide statements.

Although Saraswati Vaidya and Manoj Sane were recognised by their neighbours as a live-in couple, Saraswati’s explanation was comparable to Manoj’s. Saraswati informed them that she was residing with her uncle, according to a staffer at the orphanage where she was raised.