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Modi hails role of healthcare workers in Mann Ki Baat

In his monthly Maan Ki Baat address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the success of the country’s vaccine programne showed the combined might and capability.

SNS | New Delhi |

In his monthly Maan Ki Baat address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the success of the country’s vaccine programne showed the combined might and capability of the country.

Modi, who began his address with  ‘koti-koti namaskar’ to people said, “After crossing the 100 crore vaccine doses, the country is surging ahead with a new zeal; renewed energy. The success of our vaccine programme displays the capability of India…manifests the might of our collective endeavour.”

Modi said he knew about the capabilities of the country. ” I had this firm faith, since I am well acquainted with the capabilities of my country and her people. I knew that our healthcare workers would leave no stone unturned in the vaccination of our countrymen. Our health workers, through their tireless efforts and resolve, set a new example…they established a new benchmark in service to humanity through innovation and sheer determination,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi cited the example of a health worker from Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar Poonam Nautiyal and her efforts at ensuring 100 per cent vaccination in her area.”I am given to understand that Poonam ji has persevered day and night for the vaccination of people in her area,” Modi said adding there are innumerable such instances of zeal and dedication that made vaccination drive a success.

During interaction with PM  Modi, Poonam said,” Initially we faced a lot of problems. People had to be convinced that this vaccine is safe; effective as well…that we too had been vaccinated and we are well…right in front of you…all our staff have had it…we are fine!”

The Prime Minister appreciated Poonam Nautiyal for accomplishing her feat. “Well…you have accomplished a great feat. And I know how difficult the entire area is, along with trudging through the hills! One climbs up a hill…then descends…then walk up another hill…houses too are located afar! Despite that, you accomplished this impressive task!”

The Prime Minister urged people to take part in the birth anniversary celebrations of Sardar Patel on 31 October. “It is our duty that we must associate ourselves with some activity that conveys the message of national unity…To celebrate Unity Day, the personnel of Tripura Police are organising a Bike Rally from Tripura to the Statue of Unity… That is connecting the country from East to West,” the Prime Minister said. Personnel of Jammu- Kashmir police too are giving this message of unity of the country by taking out a similar Bike Rally from Uri to Pathankot, he added.

The Prime Minister exhorted the nation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence  Day Amrit Mahotsava with art,  culture, song and music.

“The colours of one’s art, culture, song, music must certainly be filled in Amrit Mahotsav too. I too am getting several suggestions from you regarding Amrit Mahotsav and this strength of songs-music-arts…One of these suggestions is of competition on patriotic songs! During the freedom struggle patriotic songs…The Culture Ministry is geared to conduct a competition related to this from tehsil to the national level,” the Prime Minister said, adding similarly a listener of “Mann Ki Baat” has suggested that Amrit Mahotsav should be connected to the art of Rangoli too. He also called for the revival of lullabies related to patriotism. He said competition on these three would begin from 31st October.