On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said India has worked rapidly with a holistic approach in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that is being appreciated by not only Indians but also the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Congratulating the countrymen for coming together in battling the COVID-19, PM Modi said India’s efforts have set an example before the world in tackling the pandemic.

“India is one of the countries which understood the seriousness of this disease and waged a timely war against it. India took several decisions and tried its best to implement them on ground,” he said.

The Prime Minister further appealed to all countries to come together and fight the deadly disease that has so far claimed 109 lives in India and nearly 70,000 worldwide. The global tally of confirmed Coronavirus cases has reached 1.27 million.

He also pointed out India’s active participation in the meeting of the SAARC countries and the virtual G20 conference to discuss measures to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

Further praising the citizens, PM Modi termed the maturity shown by the people during lockdown, in a large country like India, as “unprecedented”.

“No one could have imagined that the people will abide by this with such obedience and sense of service,” the Prime Minister said.

However, the Prime Minister Modi stressed that “it is going to be a long war” against the Coronavirus pandemic and asked the countrymen “to not get tired or take rest”.

“We have to emerge victorious. Today, the country has only one goal and one resolve, ie., to win this war,” the PM said.

Speaking on the ‘lights-off exercise,’ PM Modi said the country experienced “the strength of togetherness of 130 crore people” on Sunday evening. “People from every section of society and age group demonstrated this unity and strengthened the resolve in fight against COVID-19,” he added.

On Sunday night, millions switched off lights and lit diyas (earthen lamps) and candles, burst firecrackers, chanted slogans and shouted and cheered from their balconies, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to “challenge the darkness spread by the coronavirus crisis”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, further in his address, appealed to the people to install the “Aarogya Setu” app developed by the Government for information about the possible infected cases in an area. He also asked them to urge 40 others to install the application saying “In these tough times, we have to ensure this”.

PM Modi also shared the common protective measures to be followed against the COVID-19 infection and said the mantra for the whole world is social distancing and discipline.

“Always remember, whenever you go out your face should be covered, I say you should keep your face covered even at your homes. The mantra today for the whole world is social distancing and discipline,” he said.

Further appealing to BJP workers to to contribute to PM CARES Fund and motivate 40 others to do the same, Modi said, “Our mothers and sisters gave up their jewellery during wars in the past. The current situation is no less than a war. It is a war to save humanity.”

In the beginning of his address, PM Modi said the foundation day of BJP has come at a time when not only the country but also the world is going through a difficult time.

“Humanity is facing a crisis. Our devotion to the service of the country creates our path during this challenging time,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the party workers to help those in need and reaffirm the importance of social distancing amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has so far claimed 109 lives in India.

“We mark our party’s 40th anniversary when India is battling COVID-19. I appeal to BJP Karyakartas to follow the set of guidelines from our party president JP Nadda-ji, help those in need and reaffirm the importance of social distancing. Let’s make India COVID-19-free,” PM Modi said in a series of tweets.

Tweeting the guidelines by Nadda, he said that all BJP workers will provide one meal on the occasion of the saffron party’s Foundation Day as a way to show solidarity with people facing hardships during the lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus.