Amid the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka, BJP party leader Mukul Roy has claimed that as many as 107 legislators of Trinamool Congress, the left and the Congress are in touch with the BJP, vowing to bring down the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal on Saturday.

Roy further said, “Several Trinamool leaders, both at the state and district levels, have lost confidence in the party and are fed up with the way it is functioning”.

“Very soon we will show you 107 legislators who are leaving their parties. 107 legislators are ready to leave their parties. These are lawmakers from Trinamool, CPM, Congress. Most are Trinamool… What will happen only the future will tell. Nothing stands still in politics,” he added.

However, he did not give further details.

Mr Roy’s comments came amid several Trinamool councillors returning to the party after switching to the BJP.

Mr Roy, a former Trinamool Congress leader who joined the BJP in 2017 following differences with Ms Banerjee, also mocked the Trinamool Congress over it appointing political strategist Prashant Kishor.

“The appointment of Prashant Kishor is evidence that the TMC has lost confidence in the so-called charisma of Mamata Banerjee. That is why it needs a political strategist to save its sinking ship,” he said.

Earlier in the month, 21 ministers of Congress had quit the cabinet in Karnataka.

“All ministers from #JDS have submitted their resignations just like the 21 ministers from #Congress. Cabinet reshuffle will happen soon,” the Chief Minister’s Office said in a tweet.

10 Goa Congress MLAs also split away from the party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) last week right before the cabinet reshuffle.

The 10 Congress MLAs who are part of the rebel group are Chandrakant Kavlekar, Isidore Fernandes, Francis Silveira, Filipe Neri Rodrigues, Jennifer and Atanasio Monserrate, Antonio Fernandes, Nilakanth Halarnkar, Clafacio Dias and Wilfred D’Sa.

The stunning development takes the tally of BJP MLAs from 17 to 27 in the state legislative assembly.

After its sensational performance in the national elections, the BJP had promised a seven-round exodus of lawmakers from Ms Banerjee’s party to match the seven-phase polls.

While campaigning in Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told a rally that 40 legislators from Mamata Banerjee’s party were in contact with the BJP and would change camp after the national elections.

For now, the BJP-led coalition government has a majority of 33 MLAs, including three MLAs from the Goa Forward party and three independent legislators.