The Ministry of Railways has clarified that the train tickets bookings prior to the 21-day lockdown period, which as of now is scheduled to end on April 14, has never been stopped.

In a clarification message over the booking of train tickets, the ministry said, “Reservation for journeys post 14th April was never stopped and is not related to any new announcement.”

It clarified that the bookings were never stopped unless for the 21-day lockdown period between March 24 to April 14.

The Ministry further said, “Since, advance reservation period for taking reserved ticket is 120 days, ticket bookings for 15th April and beyond were made open much prior to lockdown period.”

Earlier it was reported that the Indian Railways has opened the bookings for trains from April 15, giving clues to people that the lockdown will get over from that day.

Railways clarification came on such reports.

Railways has shut its services since March 22 – the one day unofficial lockdown, due to the deadly coronavirus.

India has recorded 2301 positive cases of novel coronavirus till now with death toll at 56. The religious gathering at Markaz mosque at Delhi’s Nizammudin has given a spike in the cases as many of those who attended the event which witnessed foreign guests as well, scattered to different parts of the country.