In the backdrop of frequent farmer agitations in different parts of the country, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday highlighted the urgent need to give a “big boost” to the agriculture sector.

Addressing the valedictory session of a day-long workshop on doubling of farmer’s income in Manipur, Naidu said farmers must be equipped with 4Ds – dialogue, discover, disseminate and development.

“You must dialogue with farmers, discover new products and practices and disseminate new insights and knowledge for development. Agriculture sector needs a big boost today,” he said.

“We should make it sustainable, economical and attractive. We need to focus on the farmer’s incomes as well as on the farm productivity and long term environmental sustainability,” he added.

“Along with sustainable agriculture, we need to focus on using our water resources also in an optimal fashion,” he said further.

Naidu also stressed on the need for greater diversification.

“Farmers should be encouraged to go in for a greater variety of alternative crops like high value fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants,” he said.

The vice president further said that the best practices from the traditional farming must be blended with the latest know-how while ensuring that state of the art knowledge and agricultural skills are at the farmers’ disposal.