Prime Minister on Thursday once again lashed out at the opposition saying that history will take note of those who mocked the abrogation of Article 370, that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

“Whenever Article 370 will be discussed in history, — the decision that was taken in the interest of the country — the people who opposed and ridiculed will be remembered,” PM Modi said while addressing a poll rally in Maharashtra’s Parli.

He said the next week’s state Assembly elections were a battle between BJP’s “karyashakti” (power of development) and opposition’s “swarth shakti” (selfishness).

Further targeting the Congress and NCP leaders, he wondered if “frustrated and dejected” people could do anything good for people.

“A Congress leader had said that had there been Hindus in Kashmir, BJP government would have never taken this decision (abrogation of Article 370). Do you see ‘Hindu-Muslim’ in the unity and integrity of the country?” the Prime Minister asked.

“A Congress leader had said that this decision will destroy the country. But it’s been three months, has the country been destroyed? Another Congress leader said that we have lost Kashmir by abrogating Article 370, have we lost Kashmir?” Modi asked.

He further said that he himself will make arrangements for people who want to go to Kashmir.

PM Modi also expressed confidence that the BJP will break all victory records in the October 21 Maharashtra Assembly elections.

On Wednesday, while addressing a rally in Maharashtra’s Akola, PM Modi had accused the opposition of indulging in “political opportunism”.

Modi lashed out at the Congress and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, who had accused the ruling BJP of diverting attention from its failures in the two states of Maharashtra and J-K by referring to the abrogation of Article 370 in its polls campaign.

Making a stinging remark, he said that the opposition should “drown in shame” for accusing the BJP of diverting attention from its failures.