Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his desire for getting a birthday gift from the nation on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

The demand of the Prime Minister is somehow a gift that the citizens need to give to themselves.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi appealed the citizens to follow the Covid protocols like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing among others and said if the citizens do so diligently, then it would be a birthday gift for him.

Taking it to Twitter, he said, “Since many have asked, what is it that I want for my birthday, here is what I seek right now: Keep wearing a mask and wear it properly. Follow social distancing. Remember ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori.’ Avoid crowded spaces. Improve your immunity. Let us make our planet healthy.”

Birthday wishes have come for the Prime Minister from different corners of the world. A host of world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, wished PM Modi on his birthday and lauded him for strengthening ties with their countries.

In a tweet, US President Donald Trump said, “I would like to extend best wishes and a very happy 70th birthday to the Prime Minister of India, @narendramodi. Many happy returns to a GREAT LEADER and loyal friend!”

He also posted a photograph of him and First Lady Melania Trump with PM Modi at the “Namaste Trump” event held in February in Ahmedabad in India.

Acknowledging the greetings, PM Modi said, “Thank you @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for your warm wishes. The friendship between our nations is strong and is a force for good for the entire humanity.”

Apart from world leaders, leaders from India including the opposition extended their wishes to the Prime Minister.

In a message acknowledging the wishes from the leaders and the common people, PM Modi in a tweet said, “People from all over India, from all over the world have shared their kind wishes. I am grateful to each and every person who has greeted me. These greetings give me the strength to serve and work towards improving the lives of my fellow citizens.”