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From the vault: PM Modi talks about global conflicts, meditation with American billionaire Ray Dalio

American billionaire Ray Dalio has said that PM Modi is ‘one of the best leaders in the world’.

SNS | New Delhi |

A video clip of American billionaire Ray Dalio’s interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Future Investment Initiative conference in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh in October 2019 surfaced online.

American billionaire Ray Dalio has said that PM Modi is “one of the best leaders in the world”.

In the clip,  PM Modi talks about global conflicts and the way forward, India emerging world order and meditation.

PM Modi in the interaction spoke about the causes of the major world conflicts that have taken place in the last century and how ‘true thinking of helping one another’ will help to find a way forward from these conflicts.

“The major reason for the conflicts to arise is the holier than thou attitude, idea of superiority, rejection of equal life and opportunities for all and the lack of idea of inclusive growth, i.e growth for all,” he said.

“Even our road for growth and development has beacon a path of attaining victory and demeaning others. I believe that true thinking can help us to find the way out.” he further added.

PM Modi spoke about the emerging world order and how is technology connected to it.

He said, “Countries around the world are interdependent and interconnected. Even in this hyper dependent and connected world, every country has its own needs and technology plays a pivotal role in it. The world was perceived in this way and was viewed in the past three or four decades that has ended.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about meditation, its significance in life and how it helps to take ‘balanced and meaningful decisions’. He said, “When one detaches oneself from a situation you can take meaningful decisions with a balanced thought process. People who meditate they regularly can feel particular energy within themselves.”