The Commissioner of Delhi Police SN Shrivastava on Thursday made a fervent appeal to all Indians to unite in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic that is threatening India and the entire world.

In a tweet, he said, “I would like to reach out to every citizen of India to unite as a member of humanity to face the most serious challenge faced by modern civilization today. Every government across the globe is taking stringent measures to bring this pandemic under control. In our country, we have mobilized all our resources on an unprecedented scale and put them at the services of every Indian, across all differences. Such is the peril that Saudi Arabia government has asked Muslims to put Haj plans on hold until the situation becomes clearer.

History teaches us that societies survive if they make the right choices at the right time in the right direction. Let us show the world that India has risen to the occasion under the guidance of our National leadership.

I suggest five simple mantras to make your individual contribution in our fight against COVID-19.”

Mantra No 1. Self Isolation: Confine yourself in your home unless there is an emergency. Even if you step out for an emergency, restrict the length and frequency of your visit.

Mantra No 2. Practice social distancing: Maintain a safe distance of at least one meter when you meet anyone. Be conscious of your surroundings and guide each other to observe this medical code.

Mantra No 3. Self-hygiene: Practice self-hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly as demonstrated by the Doctors for at least 20 seconds.

Mantra No 4. Self Quarantine: Quarantine yourself along with your children and elders within your house.

Mantra No 5. Let us join hands together in spirit: Cooperate with all health officials, Doctors, Paramedics by obeying their advice. Be patient and say a sincere Thank You to all including Police personnel for being the frontline responders. Help them to help you.