The Directorate of Health Services, Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday released the Situation Update in the state as on 31 March.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the recent Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) epidemic affecting 202 countries as International Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) under IHR (International Health Regulation), the Uttar Pradesh Government has strengthened the surveillance and control measures against the disease and undertaken large scale preparations to handle the influx of migrants from different states and augment treatment capacities in the state.

The Situation Update in the state informs that the 10, 905 travellers tracked on Tuesday are under home isolation while 261 are admitted to different health facilities. 2619 contacts of various positive cases are also being tracked and are in fine health. 41, 429 travellers have completed 28 days of observation after coming back from China.

The state has cross-notified 1480 travellers to other states within India and details of 34 travellers have been shared with NCDC, GOI for International Cross-notification.

All of the admitted patients are stable, seven new patients have been confirmed as Positive for Novel corona Virus – 1 at NOIDA, 1 at Ghaziabad, 5 at Bareilly.

The UP administration has also issued an appeal:

We request all citizens to stay indoors observe the public curfew tomorrow.

All persons who have been advised quarantine (contacts of positive cases and people who have returned from foreign travel over the past 14 days) have to observe mandatory home quarantine as instructed by authorities. They must stay in a separate room and not venture outside their house. If a person is found /reported to be not following the home quarantine as required, he/she will be put under institutional quarantine.

Name of District                      No of positive cases

Agra                                                  11

Lucknow                                         9

Ghaziabad                                      8

Gautam Budh Nagar                 39

Lakhimpur Kheri                         1

Kanpur City                                    1

Pilibhit                                              2

Moradabad                                     1

Varanasi                                           2

Shamli                                               1

Jaunpur                                             1

Baghpat                                            1

Meerut                                              19

Bareilly                                                6

Bulandshahr                                               1

Total number of positive cases                   103

Total 17 patients (8- Agra, 2 Ghaziabad, 6 NOIDA, 1 Lucknow) have been declared recovered and discharged.