A Chinese soldier has been apprehended on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the eastern Ladakh.

He was apprehended during early hours of Friday, sources said.

The soldier of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) had transgressed across the LAC, in the area south of Pangong lake and was taken into custody by Indian troops deployed in the area, according to sources.

Troops from either side are deployed along the LAC since skirmishes erupted early last year due to unprecedented mobilisation and forward concentration by Chinese troops.

The incident has come at a point when the Indian and Chinese governments have held series of talks regarding disengagement of troops across the LAC after weeks of heated encounters between the two sides.

The PLA soldier is being dealt with as per laid-down procedures and the circumstances under which he had crossed the LAC are being investigated. Further details are awaited.

This is the second instance of a PLA soldier intruding across the LAC during the stand-off.

The earlier PLA soldier in October last was repatriated within a few days as per protocol.