The BJP National General Secretary B L Santhosh is seeing mischief in the large-scale exodus of migrant labourers’ in Delhi, even as heart wrenching images of  thousands of migrant labourers are emerging, stranded in Delhi, struggling to reach their home towns, with empty stomach, walking on foot in distant parts of India.

BJP General Secretary (Organisation) Santosh took to Twitter and in a series of Tweets, wondered why there was no similar exodus in Bengaluru which is just 36 km away from Tamil Nadu border and Andhra Pradesh  bordering Tamil Nadu.

Santhosh tweeted, “Tamilnadu border is only 36 Kms from Bengaluru… Andhra is less than 100 Kms from Chennai.No migrant labourers exodus. Why only from Delhi…? Something amiss here. Is somebody playing mischief…? Very purpose of #LockDown is getting defeated.”

The BJP leader questioned ‘some forces’, who want the country to fail when ‘India Fought Corona’.

“Migrants workers tell on camera that they were told that buses will be there at Anandvihar…DTC buses drop them to Anand Vihar…Some forces want India to fail when #IndiaFightsCorona Nation will not forgive them,” he said in another tweet.

Santhosh said, ” the NCR region has more than 100 coronavirus positive cases and is a health red zone so the the act of encouraging people to move without giving them shelter and food is criminal.”

The BJP national general secretary stated in the tweet the people who spread panic have has put nation at risk. He said, “The authorities who cut electricity, water…the people who spread panic, the powers that arranged DTC buses & usual suspects who gave 48 hours coverage will all be accountable to nation & their consciousness. Your hatred to a system has put nation at risk.”

Now the state governments of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have arranged some buses for the migrant workers.

Today, the Centre has asked the states to seal borders and encourage migrant labourers to stay where they are by providing food and wages.

Cabinet secretary and Ministry of Home Affairs are in constant touch with State Chief Secretaries and DGPs in this regards.

“Video Conferences were held by Cabinet Secretary and Home Secretary yesterday evening and today morning with Chief Secretaries and DGPs,” Centre government said in a statement.