To test the efficiency of its newly acquired equipment and weapons, the Army’s Kharga Corps will hold training exercises in the hinterlands of Punjab and Haryana, an official statement said on Tuesday.

Focusing on tackling future security threats, the “large scale” exercises are likely to be held “somewhere in May-June”, the defence release said.

“The exercise will be conducted in the obstacle ridden terrain. Latest military concepts designed to deliver a swift punitive blow to the adversary will also be validated,” the release said.

“The exercise entails the jointmanship between arms and services and honing of inter army and interservices good practices,” it added.

The components of Indian Air Force will also participate to validate joint manoeuvres and derive inputs for further consolidation of existing war fighting concepts and evolution of joint operational doctrine for the future.

Various units and formations are in the advanced stages of practices and preparations necessary for the exercise “which is one of the biggest military exercises of recent times”, it said.