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8 cows die, several critically ill; villagers allege negligence by administration

Following the orders of the state government, a cowshed was made on January 11 inside the vehicle depot of Nagar Nigam in Surajkund.

Swati Sharma | Meerut |

At least eight cows have died while three are reported to be critically ill at the two cow sheds of Nagar Nigam and gram panchayat. The death of cows is being attributed to the excessive cold and has also raised serious questions over the arrangements made by the authorities to look after the cows.

Six cows had died in the past 20 days at a Nagar Nigam shed which was set up inside its vehicle depot in Surajkund area. Two cows died at the shed of the gram panchayat in village Behchaula of the district while another is reported to be seriously ill.

Villagers claim that the cold weather, besides improper arrangements made by the authorities, had led to the death of the cows.

The officials, however, refuted the allegations saying that the cows were sick and were given the best of treatment.

Anuj Singh, additional municipal commissioner said, “The cows died of illness and not cold. The veterinary doctors are visiting the shed on daily basis and providing treatment to two sick cows.”

Following the orders of the state government, a cowshed was made on January 11 inside the vehicle depot of Nagar Nigam in Surajkund. A structure was raised while the roofs were initially covered with a ‘ tirpal’ . Over 200 cows were brought here from different locations.

An additional 100 cows were kept at other sheds constructed in village Achraunda and Old Kanji House of Nagar Nigam in Surajkund area. The work to cover the roof of the shed with tin is not yet complete.

The responsibility of taking care of the cows at three sheds was given to Mahila Vikas Club, an NGO. According to Rakesh Gaur, manager of the NGO, the cows were not in good health because of the severe cold and there was a delay in the construction of a permanent shed with a tin roof.

Confirming the death of six cows in the past 20 days, and illness of another two, Gaur said that cow is a sensitive animal and requires protection from extreme weathers, especially cold.

In village Behchaula, where two cows died and one is critically ill, the gram panchayat has put up a temporary enclosure behind the primary school to keep the stray cattle on January 26 where more than 35 bulls and cows are being kept.

Here also the villagers charged gram panchayat officials for not making proper arrangements for the cattle. A villager, Trilok Chauhan, claimed that the cows died of cold and hunger. “There is no proper shed yet and no arrangement of the fodder for the cattle. How would they survive under such circumstances?” he asked.

Gram panchayat secretary Rajeev Vashistha, however, claimed that the construction of shed will start from Friday and they are giving enough food to the cattle. The remaining issues will be resolved soon, he added.

Meanwhile, villagers here have also opposed the attempts by outside villagers to leave their stray animals here and warned the officials that they will not allow any outsider to release their stray cattle in their village. This happened after the pradhan of village Kanchanpur Ghopla came with a truck full of cattle to release them here but was stopped by the locals.