All 406 people, who are housed at an ITBP quarantine facility in Delhi after being brought back from Wuhan, have tested negative for novel Coronavirus in the latest sample examination and will be discharged in a phased manner beginning Monday, officials said.

The quarantine facility for approximately 600 Indian families who arrived from Wuhan was swiftly created by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) near Chhawla camp in Delhi.

Families and children were taken to the ITBP facility from the airport. At the camp, a qualified team of doctors will monitor the inmates for any signs of infection.

The final samples of all the people quarantined at the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) facility here were collected by a team of doctors on Friday.

The final Coronavirus test reports of all 406 people have been found negative, an ITBP spokesperson said on Sunday.

All 406 persons are going to be discharged in a phased manner from Monday onwards based on the advisory issued by the Ministry of Health with due medical procedures and protocols, he said.

Air India’s jumbo flight made two flights to Wuhan city; first flight brought back 324 people. The plane reached Delhi around 7.30 am on February 1 with the passengers and five doctors from Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital and one paramedical staff on board. The passengers including 3 minors and 211 students underwent thorough medical examination, because of risk of infected people exposing the fellow passengers and flight staff to the CoV.

The second Air India flight Boeing 747 brought back 323 stranded Indian nationals and seven Maldivian nationals from the deadly Coronavirus (CoV)-hit Wuhan city in China that has killed more than 1600 people and infected  68,500 others. In India, three  confirmed cases of the virus have been reported from Kerala.

The total number of people evacuated so far are 654.

Earlier, ahead of the evacuation operation, the Indian Embassy had informed the Indians that they have to undergo health tests before the flight and undergo 14-day quarantine after reaching India in special camps.

The Indians who were evacuated from Wuhan have been quarantined in a specially prepared facility in Manesar near Delhi as well as Chawala Camp in Delhi, the Indian Army, which has mounted a full-fledged operation for this purpose, said.