Even as ‘Nirbhaya’ got justice after seven years when her rapists got hanged last week, reports of rapes and crime against women and children seem to not stop any time soon. In yet another incident a  16-year-old girl has alleged that nine people raped her in Jharkhand’s Dumka district, after a friend misguided her to take a shortcut through a jungle.

News agency PTI quoted Superintendent of Police (SP) Y S Ramesh as saying, “raids have been conducted to arrest the culprits after the girl, who is currently hospitalised, filed a complaint with the police against the friend and eight others who are not known to her.”

According to the statement of the survivor given to the police, two of her friends had ferried her near his village, in a two-wheeler from Dumka town on Tuesday afternoon. She then called up another friend requesting him to take her to the village. The friend reached the spot in a two-wheeler with another person not known to her,  said SP Ramesh.

The friend told her that they should take a short cut through a forest claiming that policemen were checking vehicles.

The survivor told that said she found seven men at a spot inside the jungle and they joined her friend and the other person in raping her. They fled when she fell unconscious.

She regained consciousness the next morning, the SP said.

The girl was admitted to a hospital  and is undergoing treatment.

The police is yet to ascertain the age group of the accused.