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Mothers’ selfless dedication to raise their children!

In a conversation on Mother’s Day, Rita Dhodi, housewife and mother and her husband Subhash Dhodi, retired from the State Bank of India, recall their 1996 shift from Old Tehri to Dehradun.

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After the submergence of Old Tehri in Uttarakhand due to the construction of Tehri Dam, all the families residing in the town were forced to relocate to different places. This displacement had a significant impact on the lives of both children and parents, particularly in terms of education and settling into new environments.

The Tehri Dam’s reservoir, which flooded the historic Tehri town, is now a well-liked tourist site. The visitors come from all over the country and outside to experience its blend of scenic beauty, adventure, relaxation, and beyond. In a conversation on Mother’s Day, Rita Dhodi, housewife and mother and her husband Subhash Dhodi, retired from the State Bank of India, recalled their 1996 shift from Old Tehri to Dehradun.

As she reflected on her early years, she described how Old Tehri’s way of life was centered on a strong connection to environment, community values and cultural tradition. The traditions and heritage of Old Tehri continue to be significant for their families who formerly called it home, despite the difficulties and eventual displacement brought on by the construction of Tehri Dam.

She recalled events that occurred two decades back, when moving to a new place in Dehradun and establishing their family, especially their children—while also starting their education in new schools posed a challenge. It took a lot of planning and cooperation to enroll their kids in new schools and make the move go well. She and her spouse did help their children become independent and lead incredibly fulfilling lives.

Her children had to get used to new schools, new classmates, and new teaching styles. It’s only natural as a parent to support your kids in achieving their goals, she said. She continued with a smile, “This is a universal goal for all mothers, and we did nothing special.”

Despite this, she considered those years a blessing and thanked the universe’s creator for enabling her to enjoy motherhood by looking at the successful career paths their children have chosen now.

She mentioned how proud she is of her daughter, who now works for a reputable company in New Delhi. She is equally proud of her son Siddharth, who is based in Seattle, Washington, and is currently working at Google as a Senior Manager, Finance.

She also frequently mentions how her children are incredibly loving and kind, which she claims is a result of the sacrifices and hard work as parents they have put in during those years when they moved to Dehradun. She is appreciative and feels fortunate that her daughter-in-law Nikita Gusain, an HR Leader at Amazon in Seattle, has been a blessing to her son and equally supportive.

On Mother’s Day, she talks like a proud mother and gives appreciation to all the parents who nurture and care for their children, providing them with a safe and loving environment. It is important to recognize and appreciate the achievements of each mother.

Each mother’s journey is unique, and their achievements deserve admiration and respect. Absolutely, mothers are often regarded as the epitome of sacrifice. Their selflessness and willingness to prioritize the needs and well-being of their children and families above their own is truly remarkable.

Therefore, let’s recognise and honour every mother as an achiever. Let us recognise the vital role she plays in reshaping the world and making it a better place through her love, strength, and dedication to her children and family.