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Here’s how you can reunite with your gang of friends this Friendship Day

With all of us being locked indoors for over four months, a breath of fresh air and a change in environment can be much appreciated.

SNS | New Delhi |

Last few months have taught us to celebrate the smallest of occasions in life with the ones we love and with the Friendship Day here, we have curated a list of some ideas for your gang to take on 2020 and make it all yours.

Here’s how you can choose to spend this weekend with your friends as you catch up on all the lost time and treat yourselves with the much-needed break to rejuvenate and rekindle the bonds.

Four Wheels are all you need

With the long weekend around the corner, embark on a fun-filled and exciting weekend with your long-missed friends! With all of us being locked indoors for over four months, a breath of fresh air and a change in environment can be much appreciated.

Hop in and drive overnight to locations like Rishikesh, Shimla, Manali, etc. from Delhi or Goa, Mahabaleshwar, Igatpuri, etc. from Mumbai. Catch up on that endless chatter and banter that we’ve all craved for in the last few months. A lot of travel sights are now open for travel; all you need to ensure is abiding the state rules of safety for your good. Maybe this is your weekend to recreate those ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ moments with your amazing bunch and make 2020 a great year.

Watch till you drop

We understand if you do not wish to travel but that doesn’t mean you ditch this Friendship Day. Don’t worry, here’s what you can do! Just load the snack trays and figure out the best shows or movies to binge-watch all weekend through.

We have a few fun ideas to help you pick who gets to choose! Choose to binge-watch shows that you all grew up watching, or play a simple game of stone-paper-scissors (Best of 3) and the winner gets to pick, or simply just watch the evergreen ‘Friends’, cliché but true. So, go on and binge-watch the weekend away with your friends and loads of popcorn by your side.

Make your living room your visa

Still sceptical about stepping out, yet want to enjoy the best of both worlds? Worry not as we get the outdoors into your living room. Invite over your friends, keep the masks on and gear up for some fun virtual travel with your friends. Goibibo is offering some exciting weekend virtual travel experiences like the live Jeep Safari in Luangwa National Park, Zambia with a local ranger, live online strolls through the Diagon alley with the Harry Potter Trail in Edinburgh, day outing with the Koala Whisperer at Byron Bay Australia, or explore historical places like Pyramids of Giza, wonders of Petra, lanes of Cusco, there is something for everyone. All you need is the goibibo app to book your slots before it is sold out. This will not only satiate your travel pangs with your favourite bunch but also allow you to travel together without going through the hassle of planning and matching calendars for trips that have been in plans since forever.

Friends who laugh or cook together

Miss going out for concerts, stand-up comedy shows, or those workshops to learn a new skill with your bunch?

Well, you don’t have to wait for the world to get back to normal for that because goibibo brings all these things to you at the comfort of your home. For this Friendship Day, channelize your inner Masterchef and take the live cooking session with chef Gayan Darshana Aberathne to prepare the perfect risottos or jumbo prawns, or enjoy the laugh riot with stand-up comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia.

Be rest assured that your next pot meal will certainly be a feast and you will not have to hear the same old jokes and same old clowns in the group.

Happy Friendship Day, peeps!