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Etawah’s lions shifted to Gorakhpur zoo

Zoos cannot buy or sell animals but only exchange them under the exchange program.

IANS | New Delhi |

A pair of Asiatic lions, named Pataudi and Maryam, have reached Gorakhpur zoo from the lion safari in Etawah.

The lions will first be put under 21-day quarantine in the zoo which is likely to open to the public in March.

The pair of lions was given a warm send off by the staff of Etawah Lion Safari on Saturday evening with a band playing in attendance.

More than 57 animals have already reached Gorakhpur zoo (which is known as Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan Prani Udyan and other animals from Kanpur and Lucknow are likely to arrive at the zoo soon.

Director, Gorakhpur zoo, H.Rajamohan said, “In September 2019, seven lions were brought from Gujarat to Etawah Safari of whom one had died a few days later. Two of the lions from Etawah Safari will now be members of the Gorakhpur zoo.

At least 50 animals will also be transported to Gorakhpur from Kanpur zoo. Similarly, 35 animals from Lucknow and 19 from Delhi zoo will also attract visitors at Gorakhpur zoo.

During his visit to Gorakhpur earlier this month, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said that the Gorakhpur zoo would open soon as animals had already started arriving.

All animals from Vinod Van in Gorakhpur and mini-zoo in Prayagraj, which have been closed down, will also be accommodated in the Gorakhpur zoo.

Animals coming to the Gorakhpur zoo are donations from other zoological gardens since there are no animals to be exchanged.

Zoos cannot buy or sell animals but only exchange them under the exchange program.

Gorakhpur zoo has the capacity to house 387 animals. Under the first phase, 133 animals will be brought to Gorakhpur.