Actor Aanchal Munjal, who is known for her roles in films like We Are Family and Ghayal Once Again, will be seen in the series Dil Buffering as the happy-go-lucky Abby. Right now, acting seems to be the only thing on the mind of the young actor and she is ready to take on all kinds of challenges and criticism from the industry.

In an exclusive interview to Aanchal revealed her desire to play “every possible character on earth” and spoke about the growing digital platform and how as an actor one can face criticism at any point of time.

Aanchal believes there is a degree of distinctiveness in any kind of cinema an actor chooses to be in.

“There is a lot of difference in any kind of cinema you go for. I enjoy shooting for films and shows, and your preparations for different roles are different depending on the characters. But as an actor I love to shoot be it films or shows,” Aanchal said.

According to the Ghayal Once Again actor, digital platform is not only growing but also creating awareness among people.

“Digital platform is growing rapidly. And it is also creating awareness on some social issues that we never speak about. Now these issues are presented by the digital platform and this medium is educating people about the same.” the actor said on the growth of digital platforms for cinema.

Aanchal and Abby share love for coffee.

“Abby is a fun loving, happy and chirpy soul, but she tries too hard maybe that she turns on the other side and then seeks help. Whereas Aanchal on the other hand is a person who loves to help people. I’m a friendly person not too friendly but a person who loves to help others. One common thing between Aanchal and Abby is their love for coffee. I can have coffee at any point of time and Abby is also addicted to coffee,” Aanchal said.

The young actor, who started her career as a child artiste, is ready to take on all kinds of challenges despite the stereotypes of the industry.

“I’m totally up for any character. The only reason I want to be an actor is not just because I want to be in front of the camera, I’m up for any kind of challenge that comes in my way. I want to play every possible character there is on earth,” Aanchal said.

Aanchal’s mother is her true critique.

“Talking about criticism, it comes your way anyhow and anybody who has been successful should be ready for criticism. But I don’t really think about criticism, as my biggest critique is my mother. I believe that whatever she tells me is the best advice for me! She is my true critique as she’ll tell me what is right and what is wrong, and will never be biased towards my work,” the actor said.

The actor loves the direction the industry is going in for women.

“I’m very happy that women-oriented films are made and the industry is treating women equally, which is bringing a change in the society. Films like Lipstick Under My Burkha was criticised on a lot of levels but from a mass viewpoint it did made a lot of changes.,

“I would like to mention that my director is a woman, my DOP is a woman, my production designer is a woman and my creative head is a woman! So the series is being run by women. I was extremely happy to see the women are running the series and it amazed me to see women running here and there on the sets of Dil Buffering.” The actor added.

Dil Buffering airs at 7:00 pm on bindass every Friday – linear and digital platforms Facebook and Youtube.