Warner Bros has proposed construction of an aerial tramway from its Burbank lot to the Hollywood Sign.

The studio will pay the estimated $100 million for the project, which would include a visitors’ center near the sign. The tramway would be more than a mile long and take about six minutes, each way, reports variety.com.

Warner Bros said in a statement on Tuesday that the Hollywood sign is “an important historic and globally recognized landmark for the city of Los Angeles.”

“The sign’s fame, however, has created unintended negative effects such as heavy traffic in adjacent residential areas and related safety concerns,” the studio said.

“The concept of an aerial tram as a solution is one that has been suggested in the past and was most recently highlighted as a potential solution in the comprehensive strategies report by Dixon Resources Unlimited,” the studio added.

The studio said its proposal will not cost taxpayers any money, and that it will reduce street congestion, improve safety, and ease neighbourhood frustrations.

“The Skyway will also create a unique, first-class educational experience,” said the studio.

The studio also noted that because of it’s property on Forest Lawn Drive, Warner Bros has one of the shortest and most direct routes to the back of the Hollywood Sign.