Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funnybones has her own way of doing things. Known for her unfiltered opinions, witticisms and sarcastic humour when it comes to addressing social issues and politics surrounding them, the former actor who is also Akshay Kumar’s wife took a jibe at Prime Minister Narenda Modi’s recent photograph showing him meditating on the Kedarnath hills.

While social media is flooded with images of the PM touring the northern hill state, particularly Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) where he spent two days, Twinkle shared her version of the picture. In the photograph that the PM shared, he is seen meditating inside a cave enveloped in a saffron coloured shawl. The picture went viral on the internet and memes circling around it appeared everywhere.

Khanna, whose husband Akshay Kumar did a friendly interview with the PM at his residence last month, was the latest to join the bandwagon as she posted a photograph of herself sitting in front of a saffron coloured bull dog sculpture and wrote: “Folks please sign up-After seeing so many spiritual images in the last few days-I am now starting a series of workshops ‘Meditation Photography-Poses and Angles’ I have a feeling after wedding photography this is going to be the next big thing  #AJokeADayMayKeepJillSane.”

Moments after the actor had shared the post on her official Twitter handle on May 20, the internet was flooded with messages responding to it.

Many trolled her for such a gesture while some shared photography of similar kind featuring former PM Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi engaging in similar spiritual endeavours. While many others appreciated the post and took it in a light-hearted manner.

Here is how the internet is reacting to Khanna’s post.