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Bigg Boss 13, Day 96, Jan 4: Ajay Devgn, Kajol grace show; Paras, Mahira become ‘No.1 Jodi’

The duo then enters the house with an agenda to find out the Jodi no. 1 inside the house.

SNS | New Delhi | Updated :

On Saturday, Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan welcoming everyone and expresses his annoyance at the housemates for their behaviour throughout the week. Next up, there is a task where everyone has to choose who is visible in the show for how long, and for 30 mins, everyone unanimously chooses Shehnaaz Gill. For the 15 mins spot, a lot of arguments follow, and there is a clash between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. Now, the task ends without any concrete result yet again, and Salman Khan gets annoyed and pays them a sudden visit. Everyone wishes him Happy New Year, but he questions how is this a Happy New Year. Salman then asks everyone if Asim and Rashami don’t deserve to be on the spot, and some more questions.

He then reprimands everyone for their behaviour and taunts them that they would get into a fight even if everyone was placed equally. Salman then brings the cry baby instance and asks Asim about why would he say something like that for Sidharth’s late father. Salman also questions Asim about his comment on Rohit Shetty and then Sidharth gives an explanation, leading to both of them talking at the same time. While Sidharth speaks, Salman asks him to not speak to him at all in the first place and also tells Asim that he only needs a reason to fight. He also goes on to call him an irritating nag and challenges him to not speak to Sidharth at all. He then moves onto Rashami Desai and Salman highlights a lot of things, including how Rashami and Asim also spoke about the cameramen. Salman then tells Rashami that she can leave the show right now if she feels she is being portrayed negatively on the show.

Next, he moves on to Sidharth and tells him that the next time he will open the door for him because his language is atrocious, and asks him to not do any such thing. Asim and Rashami decide to not do anything wrong further, and Asim then decides to go to Sidharth and sort things out with him and apologizes to him. It is then time for them to face the slime on the chair, and the first to go is Vishal Aditya Singh, followed by Shehnaaz Gill, and finally, Arti Singh. Everyone has a fun time during the task.

Salman then welcomes the Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior stars Kajol and Ajay Devgan. Kajol also brings along with her the lie-detecting chair and Ajay is the first one to go and it all turns out to be a fun session. Next up, Salman Khan goes and sits on the chair and some more interesting revelations come in. Now, Salman has a game for Kajol and Ajay, his all-time favourite Dumb Charades and it all turns out to be fun gameplay but then Ajay decides to play it with Salman too, and Kajol tells the dialogue.

The duo then enters the house with an agenda to find out the Jodi no. 1 inside the house. The pairings are as follows: Sidharth and Shehnaaz, Asim and Rashami, Paras and Mahira, and Vishal with Madhurima. The task starts off and the boys are blindfolded in the first round and they have to feed their partners pastry. Rashami and Asim don’t make it to the next round, the compatibility round. Sidharth and Shehnaaz win the round, and competing with them will be Paras and Mahira. Amidst this, Paras speaks ill of Rashami and group. Kajol and Ajay declare Paras and Mahira as the Jodi no. 1. Shefali Jariwala goes to Paras and Mahira and tells them what Shefali Bagga said.

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